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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

<About WW-Web>

I've put this website together purely for my own enjoyment and as a simple way to share my photos. I plan to continue develop the website itself, add new features or sections and improve on its design, rather than using easy available options as WordPress (which is a great option, but I just want to play more). But as it's all a hobby, it all happens on a very slow schedule. Or no schedule at all. None of this is making me any money, so I'm not always equally inspired to get the work done.

Indeed there is no feedback option on these pages. Very un-Web 2.0. It's something I'll work on, as well as interaction with Social Media and all those other current day essentials. Those who know me know how to contact me for feedback in the meantime.


This website contains and uses NotesForGallery 1.0, with a minor modification to improve compatibility with current browsers. There is also an icon from the Iconic set of open source icons.

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