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Wednesday, January 20, 2021


Photography is one of my biggest hobbies. This site some day will make a coherent portofolio, but for now it's just a much too large collection of photos I've made through the years.

For me, photography is a mental hide-out. A way out of the daily stuff, and a way in as well. It's more than pointing a lens at something, choosing some settings, and squeeze a shutter. It's about seeking a connection with your subject, in order to be able to create images that reflect an understanding, that can reflect my vision on the matter, my impression of the atmosphere. Feeling part of what I'm framing, or at least have a level of empathy for it. At the same time, while taking photos, I feel disconnected from whatever goes on around me. The viewfinder seperates me from the rest and makes me an observing outsider. It is seeing more intently and intensly, closer and from a distance.
With less words: I do try to go beyond just snapping a shot, and do try to make photos that show what I perceived. And usually that fails, of course.

Preferably, I just wander around with my camera. I do not much enjoy staged photo shoots or working in a studio; the world as it I see it is fun enough.

I'm not a professional, nor do I aspire or pretend to be one. Photography to me is relaxing, and a way to try to tell you the way I see things. It helps me to watch better at the world around me. I'm just learning, exploring and trying to convey my impressions.
© 2012 - By Wouter Willemse